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Seeing the Normandy beaches was a dream come true!  Paris was great! I'm going to write an account of the trip, and give those of you who have not been there the inspiration to make it happen... 

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All orders that contain any dummy explosives will go UPS.  No P.O. Boxes when shipping UPS.  International dummy explosives have to go USPS First Class Mail REGISTERED (under 4 pounds).  It's a lot slower, and the post office adds $10 for registered, but it's the only way.  UPS air is very expensive.  If you are international and want six smoke grenades, there will be additional shipping charges.  Email us.



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Dummy Display Grenades are Not Mailable by US/Canadian Postal Service

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101st Mark Garden Map Set

.30-06 Dummy Rounds '42 Dates

.50 Dummy Rounds
82nd Market Garden Map

Allotment of Pay Authorization

Amber Medicine Bottles

Antwerp Belgium, Color

Arnhem Color Map

Bandoleers, M1 Ammo

Bands, Blousing

Bastogne Color Map

Binocular Straps

Booklet, Officers Can. School

Booklet, Parachute Packing

Bootlaces, Suspension line

Box, Foot Powder

Boxes, First Aid Carlisle

Boxes, K-Ration w/Sleeve

Brassard, Gas, Fabric

Brassards, Gas, Paper

Caen Map

Carantan Color Map

Cardboards, M1 Ammo

Cherbourg Map, B&W

Class A Pass

Cork, Canteen Top

Cover, Winter Camouflage

Crete, East & West Map Set

Dog Tags
Dog Tags, Hero Tags

D-Ration Boxes

Drivers Trip Ticket (Sm.)

Duty Stat. Arrival Notice

Events Calander WWII

Expert Inf. Qualification Form

Extension Course Cert.

First-Aid Pouch

Friction Tape Box

Fuel Tablet Boxes

Green NAM Smoke

Green Smoke Grenade

Grenade, Pinaple Frag, Rubber

Groesbeek, Color Map

Handkerchief, G.I. Issue

Helmets- Repro. & Original

Hertogenbosch Map

I.D. Card, EM's ETO

Igniters, Metal Repro

Insigny, Color

Isle St. Marcouf Color

Lanyards, Knife

Laundry Ticket, Q.M.

Leg Ties, Para, OD

Life Insurance Certificate

Luminous Discs

M-1 Plastic Clips

Magizines, .45 Cal, Rubber

Medicine Bottles, Glass

Message Envelope, Sign. Corps

Mills Bombs, Rubber British Grenades
Mirror, Signal or Shaving

Mk III Grenade

Money Belt

Montebourg, Color

Morphine Box

Motion Sickness Box

Motor Vehicle Permit Card

Nape Strap, Nam. Era

NCO Promotion Form

Neckties, WWII Repro.

Nijmegen Map

Omaha Beach Composit

Omaha- East Map

Omaha West Map

Orange Smoke Grenade

Ordinance Training Cert.

Papers, Army Set #1

Parachute Section/Scarf

Paratrooper Qualification

Pass, Enlist. Man's Temp.

Pass, Enlistedman's Sm. ETO

Personal Effects Bags (Ditty Bags)

Promotion Certificate NCO

Recognition Pannel, Orange

Red Cross Armband

Red Smoke Grenade


Rigger Pouch

Rifle Grenade AP

Rifle Grenade AT

Rope Line Tensioner - Original

Rope, Shelter Half, Long

Rubber Hand Grenades

Rqust. For Transportation

Scarf, Aircraft Recognition

Scrim, Helmet Net Camo

Sewing Kit

Shaving Kit Repro.

Soap Tin

Smoke Grenades

Splint Box, Davis Co.

St. Marie Du Mont Map B&W

St. Marie Du Mont, Color Map

St. Martin Varreville Map, B&W

St. Mere Eglise Map, B&W

St. Mere Eglise, Defences B&W

Ste Mere Eglise "Bigot" (color)

Stencil Sets/ Tapes

Sugar Box

Sulfanilamide Packets

TH Incindiary Grenade

Thread, Sewing Kit Replac.

Tins, OD, Bandage Repro

Tournaquet Box

Triang. Compres. Bandage

Trip Ticket, Driver's & PM Rec.

Trip Ticket, Driver's, Lg.

Tube, Bazooka Rocket

Tube, Rifle/Smoke Gren.

Unsatisfactory Equipt. Rept.

USMC Enlistment Certif.

Utah Beach-North

Utah Beach-South map

Utensil Sheath Set

Violet NAM Smoke

Violet Smoke Grenade

Wound Tablet Packs

Wound Tag Form

Wound Tags, Booklet

WP Dummy Grenade

Original Militaria




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